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Welcome Lip Lovers! This is a community for people who are obsessed with lips. Join, post pics of your lips, talk about lips, lipgloss, anything lips. No, you don't have to do something crazy with your lips to post a pic. Just your lips. Or, if you do have crazy colors, or anything, its all about the lips. However, there are a few rules, just to keep this community looking nice.

  • When you post pictures, they must have your lips in it. I mean this is a LIP community.
  • If you have more than ONE pic, post it under an lj-cut
  • Feel free to comment on other peoples pics, but please, be nice.
  • NO NONSENSE. Yeah I am a big fan of BLAH entries, but keep it on low, you cant post about anything that has to do with LIPS. I really dont want to hear about how your brother's sister's mother's father-in-law doesn't pay your child support. :P Just keep it to lips.

    Thats about it. Join!!